Two weeks in pictures

I have been doing a lot of travel of late.

And why do I go away? Maybe, so that I can come back. So that I can see the place I am from with extra colours. Coming back would not be the same, if I never leave.

And when I come back, it is not the same. Visiting a new place always leaves some mark and that something which changes,  changes everything.

 I do not really ever leave a place, because I carry a part of that place wth me where ever I go.  And so I never really leave home, I take a part of it with me and leave a part of it where I visited.

As Ibn Batuta the Moroccan scholar who widely traveled  the Medival world quoted, “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Story teller, I may not yet be, but I leave you with my two weeks in pictures.   

Though I take the same city roads as I weave through the traffic towards the airport, what I see is never the same. But it is always some kind of spectacular.

I love being at the airport, the enticing colours, the clacking music of the baggage wheels, smells of coffee in the cosy lit cafes, hushed sounds of travelers in laguages I try to guess. I enjoy imagining where others are headed and knowing, I will either be home or somewhere else exciting very soon.

There is a quote I read which I always remember, when I stand by the tall glass windows and watch the airplanes take off. It goes something like this, ‘ A mile on the road will take you a mile. A mile on the runway will take you anywhere.’

And then I step into a new place ….




I came. I saw. I loved.

That is what happens, when you land at the destination at sunset. The sky is a riot of colour and the heart can only sing. Sunsets are proofs that no matter how the rest of the day has gone, it can always end beautifully.  

And then, the hotel room all to myself. There is luxury, there is fantasy, there is comfort That is my idea of a good time.

And then I can relax in the comfort of wonderfully soft slippers.

Waking up without the hurry of having to get things done. I can just sit in a hotel room and think about things.

And I can have chocolate cake for breakfast

There is some science which says eating chocolate cake for breakfast is very healthy, that’s when the body’s metabolism is working the hardest and it’s great to get done with the sugar cravings for the day.   

Then the week begins and I get to work. And at a new place, I tend to really look around and I spot these beauties. I see these on my way every day and yes, it is a wonderful world.

The weekend arrives pretty soon, and there is nothing to do. And that is freedom at its finest. So I go ahead and indulge because there is no fear of missing out on anything. No guilt in doing nothing.

Staying alone in a hotel room is good for the soul. But on some days I have a special visitor who makes a fleeting stop, vanishing just as quickly as he arrived.

And on some days it is a bumble bee spiral

Some days I walk amongst humanity, just a little bit of it

And some days, I spot something interesting. And I stop and take a look.

And then I stop by to pick up some essential not-so-essentials.

Then after the two weeks, I come back home and rest my head on my old familiar pillow and that is bliss.


8 thoughts on “Two weeks in pictures

  1. Absolutely beautiful! You have captured the magic in the tiniest of moments – moments that otherwise slip into oblivion because we’re too caught up getting somewhere or doing something. Reminds me of William Henry Davies’ lines, “What is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare.”


  2. Wow Bhakti… you really look at everything around you and find pleasure in them, whereas I just see, don’t notice most of what I do see and promptly forget about them.
    Lovely pictures too.
    You have really got a way with words and your phone camera!


    1. Hey Bhakti you have an eye for tiny details and detailing them. This auto correct converts Bhakti to Beautiful… Wondering …..


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