Feed no evil

Have you ever seen evil,
like you see your nose,
or heard it ever,
like when your tummy roars?

Have you ever felt evil,
like the beating of your heart
or touched it so gently,
like you pat your back?

Have you ever smelt evil
like your freshly washed hair,
or ever tasted it
like your salty tear of despair?

But surely you have known evil
rise up from deep somewhere
and take up all your mind-space
when you are unaware.

Where did this evil come from
and creep into your thoughts,
was it out there somewhere,
or inside tied in knots?

Why did evil make an entry
and bring you all that pain,
and raise anger inside you,
and make you go insane?

Ask not all these questions,
blame not you or them,
rather choose to end it
before it burns you in flames.

For wherever it did come from,
you must not feed it more,
give it no attention,
you must not let it grow.

And when you ignore evil,
it will get bored quite fast,
and leave you to your peace
and not disturb your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Feed no evil

  1. Awesome post Bhakti, Yes we do this negative thinking most of the time, very unknowingly, may be because we have got habituated. we need to watch this self talk if we need to grow at the mind and spiritual level as well. Thank you for sharing!


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