They will slip by……

In a world of billions
we live,
but in this crowd we
still feel, alone.

Is it because we come alone,
live in our heads alone,
and leave just that way…
alone again?

And between that
time of
coming and going,
there are some moments.

Moments when
we catch that
smile on a
stranger’s face.

Or feel the touch
of comfort
of a hand

Hear a voice
that uplifts
us in our hours
of need.

Or feel the warmth
of love
from a friend

Or notice the boundless
from family
we overlooked.

For among these billion
we can choose to live
as if still untouched
by it all.

And live mistaken
that in sharing
our feelings
and telling our tales,

we will protect our hearts
from a world volatile.
That staying alone hidden
must be a better way.

But what kind of a life
would that be?
And in the end,
who would we save?

For though the world
may be harsh;
there is something
stronger still.

Momentary they are
and if not grasped
at a time right
disappear they will.

Those tiny intangible things,
which in our palms
we cannot hold
but only our hearts can feel.

And it is for those brief periods
that we make this journey.
do we realise how connected
our aloneness truly is.

This image is used for representational purposes only


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