The masterpiece

It lasted but an hour,
It cooled the place around,
It brought smiles to the faces,
jubilation amongst the crowd.

On the morning that followed,
the sky was a deep bright blue,
low fat clouds on the horizon
and the distant mountains shone too.

The leaves were a glistening emerald
as they fluttered in the breeze,
Though cuckoo calls filled the air
not one could be seen in the trees

I stood and watched the magic
I wondered who wrote this script
Everything in such perfection,
It was always a big hit.

The actors, they were flawless
they played their parts with flair
and a rainbow in the western sky
What pure joy to see it there.

Where is the gifted director?
I asked, but no answer I got
I wasn’t really  expecting any
but the thought, Oh! what joy it brought.


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