Category: Simplicity

The masterpiece

It lasted but an hour,It cooled the place around,It brought smiles to the faces,jubilation amongst the crowd. On the morning that followed,the sky was a deep bright blue,low fat clouds on the horizonand the distant mountains shone too. The leaves were a glistening emeraldas they … Continue reading The masterpiece



Come in gently,blow  the curtains free,mess up the flowers,topple the cup of tea. Let the lone muffin standfor as long as he can,till one knock laterhe will follow his clan. Let the leaves rustle softlyand the dog bark loud,as clouds move speedilysetting a new record … Continue reading Moments…

Art escape

Art, the only way to run away without leaving home and be anyone, anywhere, at anytime.Today, I was a mermaid in Botanical wonderland ❤️ So grateful to art for coming into my life and to the wonderful teachers I have met on this journey.