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The Release

No emotions expressedwas the household rule.No crying allowed,and not much laughing too Till that dayfor an audition she went,and happiness through tearsshe had to present. For years repressedher mouth opened slight,and a sound escaped it;one little sigh. From a whimper it grewlouder still,a moan followedbefore … Continue reading The Release



Come in gently,blow  the curtains free,mess up the flowers,topple the cup of tea. Let the lone muffin standfor as long as he can,till one knock laterhe will follow his clan. Let the leaves rustle softlyand the dog bark loud,as clouds move speedilysetting a new record … Continue reading Moments…


Having lived througha winter,silent and cold,the sweetness ofsummer  broughtlife to my soul. Fate had broughtus togetherfor one summer did it last,his presence thoughshort-livedbrought a richnessto my heart. He told  of hisadventures,the mountains he had scaledand I spoke ofsunsets whichnever had I seen He was my … Continue reading Warmth